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About Us

We are the people responsible for "The Compulsive Traveler" series running successfully on CBS since 2002 reaching a peak rating of 4.5 on one of our adventure shows.

We're a group of creative people with a hunger and passion for the globe-trotting experience - and for sharing our travelers tales with other compulsive travelers

We thrive on running from airport to airport lugging camera equipment so that after a 20 hour flight and an 8 hour jeep drive on congested Indian roads we can finally trek in the Himalayas and capture on video the hyper-real light glowing at 15,000 feet.

We find our stride getting lost in the scent of exotic spice markets following the brilliant fuchsia, cobalt blue and chrome yellow on peoples' faces during the Holi festival in India, while ducking under the bags of oily pigments thrown at the camera lens as a good luck gesture. Waking up on a ship at dawn sailing up the Yangtze, barely seeing the fisherman sitting on the shores of the river in the morning mist and realizing we have just captured a classic Chinese scroll on tape.

We realize that there are thousands like us out there with the same passion. Some are professionals. Most are not. But we're all connected by the passion for travel and the need to put this passion on tape or film.

We created this website so that we, the compulsive travelers of the world can get together, upload our short films and share our stories.

At the end of the day, the hike or climb, the compulsive traveler is a compulsive storyteller. Tell us yours. And don't worry, we know there's no cure or intervention for this addiction but hitting the road again and again.

With this, (besides hoping to sell to Google one day) we hope to learn a little bit more
about the world, learn from each other and maybe learn about being a little bit more tolerant about difference.

Maybe, together, we can help make the world just a little bit better. By bringing a bit more of it into focus.