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Add Compulsive Traveler Videos to Your Site

  • We have developed a state of the art player that will:
  • Engage your viewers
  • Entice them with an endless supply of fresh videos
  • Increase your viewers time on your site
  • Increase your revenues

Choose among the options below. Adding videos from the Compulsive Traveler to your site is fast and easy:

  • 1 Find the videos you want to display
  • 2 Choose the size and style of player you want to use
  • 3 Copy the embed code and paste it onto your site

We offer 4 sizes of the player:
If you have a lot of real estate on your site and want a high impact player choose our Full 720X405 size We offer a large player sized at 600 X, and a Medium player at 500X And if you are limited in your real estate we have the small player at 400X

Test drive all models and sizes here, and see what works best for your needs!


Thumbnail Display:

Player Size:

This player displays the thumbnails, video titles and descriptions below the player.
This fits well as part of a two or three-column layout solution.

  • Pl-bott_medium2cols
  • Pl-bott_medium3cols
  • Pl-bott_medium4cols

Total dimensions: 500 / 463

Other features:

  • String of pearls: Recommendations from the playlist after a video has played
  • Keep things fresh: Manage and change the content of your playlist as you go
  • Built in social networking ability to increase traffic to you site:
    • email to a friend
    • post to blog (such as myspace, facebook and many more...)
  • Branding: Option to add your logo on the player
  • Horse power: We manage the latest technology to deliver the best viewing experience

Embed the single player with just one video on your site or chose a player with attached thumbnails.

You may embed the player with 4 videos free of charge.

For any additional amount of videos please contact us at — Licensing fee may apply.